Galerie Nelson-Freeman, Paris
Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano
Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm
Meyer Riegger, Karlsruhe/Berlin
Peter Freeman, Inc. New York
Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo

Center for Biological Diversity

texts regarding gehend (Field Recordings 1-3)
Lyn Hejinian, Cloud, the, 3 afterword
Peter Eleey, Frieze essay
Julia Bryan-Wilson, catalogue essay
brochure, 65 instants
brochure, Declining Interval Lands
interview, with Rena Leinberger
exhibition press releases
cluster of reviews

Gagarin, v.20, 2009
Critical Inquiry, v.35, Issue 4, Summer 2009
edition with Artware Editions
reinstallation of Imi Knoebel's Raum 19 at Dia:Beacon